Tech Tip's

Protect Yourself

Whether you are an Individual or Business needing IT Services in Ohio, know who you are doing business with, Not all are created equal. I have found Web Ad's, websites and Classified ad's offering  PC repair, Desktop repair, Laptop repair, PC Support, Virus removal, the list goes on and on from so called business's that are not legal businesses and or not authorized to do business in Ohio by the Ohio Secretary of State.  Do you want someone, or a so called company that is not registered with the State of Ohio to  provide you with IT Solutions. The answer is "No", Just like you would not fly on an airplane with a person behind the controls that is not a Certified Pilot. 
"Businesses are required to register with the Ohio Secretary of State to legally conduct business in the state". You can do a free Search for those authorized to operate and conduct business in Ohio.  Ohio Secretary Of State Business Lookup  
Again we are a registered business with the Ohio Secretary of State.  We are  "Anchor Technologies LLC.  With our background we have over 22+ years of Corporate IT, Non Corporate IT experience.
When you need any type of IT Support ask these simple questions and look for facts.
  1. Is the Individual or Business registered with the Ohio Secretary of State to conduct Business in the State. (Y/N)
  2. Do they have Valid active Business credentials/records with the Ohio Secretary of State *Ask for Proof. (Y/N)
  3. Can they provide you with a Business Mailing Address. (Y/N)
  4. Do they have a local Phone Number in Central Ohio. (Y/N)
  5. Do they have a Company Website with a Company web presence outlining who they are and what services are offered. (Y/N)
  6. Do they have a Company Email Address tied to the Company Name or are they utilizing a free Email service provider. (Y/N)
  7. Ask if they have Company Liability Insurance. This in Ohio is not required to conduct business in Ohio. Y/N)
  8. What Types of Payment do they accept. Do they ask for Cash or paypal and or a check written out to an individual and not a Business. They  should be authorized to accept Cash, Check, Charge.  And will provide you with a bill/receipt.(Y/N)
  9. Can they provide written agreements along with warranties. (Y/N)
  10. Contact Anchor Technologies LLC if you have questions or concerns about IT needs.   Phone Consultation is always "Free".


Computer Scams

Virus's and Malware will sometimes open connections into your computer and or take the look and feel of an application from a support company. It may take you to a site to enter personal information or ask for credit card information to remove it. "Do Not"
If you suspect that you have a virus or malware on your computer * disconnect your laptop or pc from your network or Internet connection. Do not utilize it for anything critical, banking, travel, personnel info.. Contact a Local PC Repair Company.
If you have a virus or malware it may want you to dial a number for technical support. And  Or you may get a Phishing call from someone claiming to be with Tech Support.  Ask alot of questions and do nothing, usually they are trying to gain access to your computer to get info and then they install either a virus or malware on it. And then will ask for money to fix it..
You can protect yourself by keeping your Anti Virus updated and your Computer Operating System updated as well. Again if you suspect that your system is infected or someone has gained access to your system, unplug it and turn it off and contact a Local PC Repair Company.


If you have Wireless in your Home or Business make sure it is secured. The best way to do this is to make sure the SSID is hidden, this way only you and those you want connecting to it can. Another feature is to enable a wifi password and also set Mac address encryption. * You can be liable if someone connects to your open wireless and downloads pirated software or music and or makes threats on social media.  Feel free to contact us for free tips on how to secure your wireless.