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PC Repair/PC Support / Desktop Support

This area of our company focuses on keeping Individuals, our client's Systems running smoothly by providing a wide array of  IT services and solutions which combine to give our clients higher levels of reliability, stability, security, while improving IT experiences day in and day out. We can provide you with Technical Support Solutions ranging from PC Setup, PC Support, PC Repair, Hardware break/fix, Software Support to virus,malware removal, PC Re-imaging, PC Migration along with PC Data Migration.


Business IT Support

Whether your business needs assistance with a new computer setup, data retrieval, PC Data Migration, server support, internet connectivity, or virus/Malware removal, We know that your business can stop working when your computers are down, which is why we pride ourselves on being local allowing us a fast turnaround time to your business. Most of our jobs for contracted business clients are completed within 24 hours of taking your call.

While we can react quickly to your company’s IT needs, we like to focus on maintenance and prevention, keeping your computer environment running smoothly and hassle free. Even a few hours without technology can cost a small business hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  This doesn’t even begin to factor in the annual costs of the productivity that can be lost when computers are not performing as well as they should.


IT Consulting

More often then not finding the answers to your IT needs can be hard. We have managed IT Solutions in multiple industries and area's ranging from HR , Law, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare/Medical and Advertising along with Automotive Manufacturing, Govt. We have worked with clients Large and Small this is why we understand technically complex compliance issues such as HIPAA regulations and Sarbanes Oxley. We would like to challenge you to challenge us with your technology problems and let us show you how we bring our clients to solvency.

Are Your IT Services creating a Return On Your Investment? . We can help you determine which technology solutions you need and what you can live without.


Networking Support

Do you need assistance with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Do you have an issue with your DSL, Broadband, Wired Network, Wireless Network, Wireless Printing, Wireless Devices, VOIP technologies. We can provide support for Individuals and Businesses alike.


Data Backup

Have you backed up your critical Data. When was the last time you actually checked your backup? If these question makes you uneasy we would like to invite you to give us a call to discuss a backup audit.  More often then not backups fall on "someone else's" shoulders and the inevitable happens: a data erasing disaster at the worst possible time. Money can fix a lot of things but it can't fix what youve lost.


Data Recovery / Retrieval

Are you an individual that cannot afford to lose information, or are you a company faced with a possible data retrieval needs due to a system crash/event or HR request, or Employee Termination.  Contact us to discuss what we can offer you today.